Online Classes: Spring Term 2021

Saturday 27th February – Saturday 27th March

10:30am – 12:30pm

Last March, during the first national lockdown, we took our lessons online. Over the last few months we have taught over 200 children in our online drama clubs, private tuition and holiday camps.

With our current term suspended we are running this special online course.

(As soon as we’re allowed face to face for our usual group classes we will transfer immediately and seamlessly!)

Behind The Scenes!

Each week we’ll be helping you turn your ideas into designs. With a final performance by a character you’ve created, in a world that you’ve imagined and designed. Suitable for age 5+


The Setting. Decide where you want your show to be set – will you choose Outer Space? The Ocean Floor? The Jungle? Or your own living room? 

(You’ll need an old shoe box, your imagination and whatever materials your parents will let you get your hands on!)


Character. You’ve created your own world, now think about the main character of your story. Who are they? What do they have to say? Now create their costume and make-up.


Props. What is a prop? How do they enhance performance? Where would Voldemort be without his wand? Snow White without a poisoned apple? How do they work? How were they made? Time to make/find your own!

(You can create props from anything you can find! Paper, tinfoil, feathers, twigs, leaves etc)


Music. We’ll listen/look at some iconic tunes. How do you know when Darth Vader’s coming on the scene? How does music make a moment more poignant? What music does your character enter to? Are they the baddy? Is it a moment of sadness or joy?


Special Effects – If you’re in space, what sounds are there? Or in the jungle? What lights and visual effects? How can you create lights of a space ship, or sun shine through a thick canopy of leaves?

(You’ll need to send us your favourite tunes, and think of ways to make your own sound effects in the lesson. (Coconut shells, spoons, doorbell etc)

£125 – 5 weeks (5 x 2 hour lessons plus activities)

To join the term email us on:

Online Class Testimonials

  • "Thanks for a great week last week - Eddie and Anna LOVED it."

  • Thank you so much for this brilliant initiative. It has been amazing seeing my kids so happy and involved!  They really enjoyed it.”

    Daniella Parent, Online Drama Workshop
  • The kids were very happy. I haven’t seen them so smiley and engaged since we have been in lockdown!

    Michaela Parent, Online Drama Workshop
  • The class was absolutely wonderful – Maximilian was so excited and engaged and it has really boosted his mood for the rest of the day. Thank you.

    Jo Parent, Online Small Talk Drama Group
  • I love Joe and I liked the monkey and the spider. I had fun and I want to do it again and again and again.

    Louise Participant, Online Small Talk Class
  • The online classes are brilliant, lots of laughter and lots of fun ringing throughout the house! Thank you Drama Queens for bringing some escapism to lock down.

    Sophie Parent, Online Drama Class
  • This is what the internet was invented for!

    Elijah Participant, Online Drama Class
  • I just wanted to say a big thank you to Jo for doing all these brilliant classes. Kasim remembers them and we play the Banana Game, sing like Opera Singers in high and low voices and talk about things that are “disgusting”! It’s been a joy to watch how Jo engaged with the little kids and made them laugh and participate. Thanks a lot!

    Kerstin Parent, Online Drama Group
  • Thank you so much...he is obviously delighted with his result.  I'm so happy for him.
    It is testament to how brilliant you all are at teaching and motivating your pupils!!! Truly grateful to have had access to Drama Queens in this virtual World.

  • These Drama Queens sessions have been a real life-line while we've been in lockdown. Charlie has really enjoyed the sessions and the chance to be with his friends each week. I don't think you can over-estimate how important these sessions have been for his wellbeing and we're really grateful that you went for the challenging option of going online via Zoom.
    Thanks for continuing in the face of adversity!

For more information email us, or get in touch with Liz on 07973 612443.