• I have to say I really do see that all her LAMDA work with the DQ team has helped on so many levels. Her confidence and delivery in varied situations has come on leaps and bounds. So huge thanks to the great DQs teachers. The feedback notes are superb - fully comprehensive and detailed in the most positive and helpful way. Amberlie really enjoys her sessions, so truly grateful.

    Priya Malorees Mum
  • I find it quite amazing, actually, that Max is so completely absorbed for two hours – to keep a boisterous 6 year old engaged like that through a screen is very impressive!

  • My son loves the weekend sessions - it honestly is incredible the way you have kept them engaged online.

  • The children loved it and it was brilliant to hear them having so much fun!

  • Thanks so much the class was amazing on Saturday! Kids really got so much from it and really loved it. - Online Theatre History Course

  • Thanks again for all your and the team's hard work making both face to face and online sessions so brilliant, fun and enriching for the kids.

  • These Drama Queens sessions have been a real life-line while we've been in lockdown. Charlie has really enjoyed the sessions and the chance to be with his friends each week. I don't think you can over-estimate how important these sessions have been for his wellbeing and we're really grateful that you went for the challenging option of going online via Zoom.
    Thanks for continuing in the face of adversity!
  • Thank you so much! Astrid is over the moon and can’t stop smiling.  Its amazing what is possible over Zoom, not easy but I’m so pleased you did it & the results obviously show anything is possible!  Thank you x

  • Thank you so much...he is obviously delighted with his result.  I'm so happy for him.
    It is testament to how brilliant you all are at teaching and motivating your pupils!!! Truly grateful to have had access to Drama Queens in this virtual World.

  • Henry has been involved with Drama Queens since he was 5 and straight away we knew this was special. Liz and her team are remarkable. Their dedication, love, fun and huge talent shines through every moment they spend with the children. Henry's confidence blossomed and grew with every class as did all the children in their care. We would highly recommend Drama Queens for any child; whether they are interested in acting or just want to have fun and gain confidence for living, Drama Queens should be on the curriculum!

    Olivia Caffrey Parent
  • I just wanted to say a big thank you to Jo for doing all these brilliant classes. Kasim remembers them and we play the Banana Game, sing like Opera Singers in high and low voices and talk about things that are “disgusting”! It’s been a joy to watch how Jo engaged with the little kids and made them laugh and participate. Thanks a lot!

    Kerstin Parent, Online Drama Group
  • This is what the internet was invented for!

    Elijah Participant, Online Drama Class
  • The online classes are brilliant, lots of laughter and lots of fun ringing throughout the house! Thank you Drama Queens for bringing some escapism to lock down.

    Sophie Parent, Online Drama Class
  • I love Joe and I liked the monkey and the spider. I had fun and I want to do it again and again and again.

    Louise Participant, Online Small Talk Class
  • The class was absolutely wonderful – Maximilian was so excited and engaged and it has really boosted his mood for the rest of the day. Thank you.

    Jo Parent, Online Small Talk Drama Group
  • The kids were very happy. I haven’t seen them so smiley and engaged since we have been in lockdown!

    Michaela Parent, Online Drama Workshop
  • Thank you so much for this brilliant initiative. It has been amazing seeing my kids so happy and involved!  They really enjoyed it.”

    Daniella Parent, Online Drama Workshop
  • Thank you so much for the three years she has been at Drama Queens. I can see how much her confidence has grown and how much she has enjoyed the sessions. Huge thanks to you and your team for all your work and enthusiasm with the children, way above and beyond your duty.

    Jane Parent
  • Thanks so much for your amazing work. Adèle is super shy and we didn’t know how she was going to cope in “acting” but she really, really loves it. She asked to continue for next term so we’re very happy it helps her to gain confidence!

    Aude Parent
  • "Thank you so much for Friday’s session with Nursery, Joe and Jenny were brilliant and pitched the session perfectly for the age group of 3 and 4 year olds. All 26 children were engaged throughout the whole hour, which is impressive! Jenny and Joe had great behaviour management skills and the children responded to all the moving around, singing and range of activities. We and the children loved every moment!"

    Angharad Gilmore St Saviour’s School
  • "We are so very grateful to the incredible Drama Queens team – our once shy and unconfident daughter has been so enlivened and empowered by the sessions, she will not miss a class for anything! The energy, expertise and variety of the teaching is exceptional, and the impact on the kids is magical, not only performing in the end of term play brilliantly but learning about stagecraft and working as a team all the while having such fun. The warm ups are always fresh and exciting, and the games are hilarious too… A BIG THANK YOU to you, Drama Queens!"

    Sarah Malorees mum
  • "My 4 year old son had so much fun at the Drama Queens workshop this Summer. The teachers are so helpful, caring, fun and easy to get along with. Absolutely recommend this class...Summer camp and weekly term time. They really do a great job."

    Kristina Wilshire Malorees mum
  • "My child Celia loves Drama Queens and I am thrilled with the way her confidence has naturally grown. It is a pleasure to see how she incorporates drama in her every day life, either playing with funny voices or role playing with her sister. Celia was slow to learn to read, so for her to get a distinction in her first LAMDA exam was fantastic. The actors who teach the children are a wonderful group of young people."

    Clare Bloomer Salusbury mum
  • "I'm so glad Liz is doing more drama classes at Drama Queens. She is a wonderful, wonderful drama teacher and my older boy Joshua loves her to bits!!! I will recommend her anytime and to everyone."

    June Han Salusbury Rd School Mum
  • "Millie just loves Drama Queens and I'm so glad we enrolled her. She will definitely return next term."

    Helen Clarkson Willesden Mum
  • "I just wanted to thank you for an incredible week at the Drama Queens Summer Course last week. Macsen really enjoyed himself and it was obvious from the polished and impressive performance we witnessed on Friday that he learnt a lot too! Ian and I were so taken with the energy and focus of the children. Even in the debilitating heat your lovely cool studio provided a wonderfully creative space in which to work. And the helpers were really great too - the kids obviously adored all the staff and the room was brimming with enthusiasm. We look forward to seeing you in September for another great year with Drama Queens."

    Sioned and Ian Brown Drama Teens parents
  • "Thank you for giving our children such a fun 3 days! They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I'd love to stay in touch so please do let me know about other clubs you might run in the future."

    Rebecca Holiday Workshop mum
  • "Thanks so much for teaching Arlo for the last 3 years. It's been a great experience for him and he has gained confidence and friendships along the way"

    Helen Clark Sacred Heart Willesden mum
  • "The children really enjoy Drama Queen's. Can we book you again for next year?"

    Bethan Lewis-Powell Headmistress Mulberry House School, NW2
  • "We love Drama Queens, it keeps actors from starving and certainly gives my kids confidence, social skills and Big fun. Keep up the good work!"

    Ben Miles Local Dad of 3 and star of stage & screen
  • "They absolutely love it, thank you so much, I would not send my children anywhere else"

    Hayden Gwyn Local Mum of 2 boys and Star of Billy Elliot in the West End and currently on Broadway
  • "I wanted to say how lovely the Drama Queens actors Jess and Ollie were great and the party went really well! The children really enjoyed it!"

    Jessica Clark Queens Park
  • "My son Alex looks forward to your lessons every week, I cannot begin to tell you how much both children are getting out of your classes. Thank you so much!"

    Jane Ainger Hampstead
  • "I have seen a transformation from a little scared kitty cat to a more joyful and confident girl...."

    Vivian October 2017
  • "Thanks for a great week last week - Eddie and Anna LOVED it."

  • "You guys are amazing. I’ve already told lots of people about how great you all are and how great your classes are…3 of them signed up for summer camp!"

    Kristina Feb 2017
  • "We were so taken with the energy and focus of the children. And the helpers were really great too - the kids obviously adored all the staff and the room was brimming with enthusiasm."

    Bethan Lewis-Powell Summer 2016
  • "They absolutely love it, thank you so much, I would not send my children anywhere else"

    Hayden Gwyn Actor and Local Mum of 2 boys
  • "Your material is perfectly pitched and really effective for this age group, a big thank you. I know the children really enjoy your work, we look forward to more"

    Sian Davies Headmistress Malorees School, NW6
  • “Drama Queens is the talk of the town in our house. Millie absolutely loved the holiday workshops. Please can we book a place for the term classes?”

    William Connacher Queens Park
  • "Thank you so much for all the confidence you have given Evaline - The change has been somewhat remarkable and I just love her creativity and imagination."

    Maureen McCooke Salusbury Road Mum
  • "I cannot tell you what a difference your classes have made to William, you have really changed his life. His confidence has soared and he absolutely loves the drama classes. Thank you so much."

    Ailsa Salusbury Road Mum

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